Florida……… the sunshine state!

t want to purchase a house there? Florida with its wonderful nature , white beaches , beautiful forests and wild Everglades . Bustling cities like Miami and South Beach with its Art Deco district , who does not want  to wander in this special blend of Latin American and the “cool ” North American audience . And what about all the world-class theme parks in the Orlando area. Unprecedented and entertainment to the extreme last detail. This is also the case with the beautiful homes that you can purchase here in Central Florida, for every budget and taste, with the ability to rent out your property during your absence making it a more affordable investment. Asking prices are very reasonable at this moment, a unique situation for buyers from Europe , now with the strong Euro is even better! Florida, where can you buy a house with 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living area of ​​150 m2 , garage for 2 cars, swimming pool , 1200 m2 of land and fully furnished for less than Euro 125,000 !

That all sounds interesting, but is it really so fantastic and what are the issues that you should know and look for? And m back home in Europe? This is a brief guide to some subjects that are important , because buying a home is one thing, but what then?

The role of the Real Estate Agent

The purchase of a home, whatever the amount, is still a big investment, therefore it is important that you prepare yourself. Advice from a licensed real estate agent who is familiar with the local situation, would be a first step. “Licensed Real Estate Brokers” in Florida always receive their commission from the seller, and therefore there is no charge to you as the buyer. There are “Seller’s Agents” and there are “Buyer’s Agents”. The seller ‘s Agent is the Agent that has the “listing”(agreement with seller to sell the property) and therefore will represent interests of the seller. The Buyer’s Agent represents the buyer and has a ” fiduciary relationship”, that means that he looks after your interests and act on your behalf. Since you’re not paying anything it cannot hurt to ask at least one agent for advice. Go with a “recognized” Real Estate, so you are assured of their integrity .